Terms of Service

1. Signup, installation/configuration of Links will be provided free of charge.

2. As our internet Bandwidth arriving over OFC will be exclusively DEDICATED…NO SHARE….NON-REAL TIME (NRT) will be delivered to the last mile employing AFNet IT Solution Technology, we assure a latency of less than 190ms in worst case sceneries.

3. AFNet will provide 24 hours of trial to check up the Internet bandwidth and Speed before signing the contract.

4. AFNet will guarantee the 99% availability of our internet Bandwidth over OFC as it is fully redundant- having a 100% backup.

5. AFNet shall provide corrective maintenance in the event of loss of Internet service. AFNet technicians will be available all 24/7 in service.

6. Taxes as and if applicable as per the local laws will be charged separately during invoicing.