• Broadband Internet Connectivity
  • Software driven PBX enablement
  • Call Centre design & development Fixed/Wireless Solutions
  • Virtual Home/Office Networks
  • Video on Demand
  • Video Conferencing
  • Residential/Commercial/Office Surveillance & other Security Applications
  • Residential/Commercial/Office Access Control Systems


Service Offering

Services that will be offered will include data spectrum will vary according to area. our service levels with the constraint that services provided will be dependent on technology implemented and bandwidth available. we structured such that they are upgrade able to meet customer demands.

Bouquet of Services to Integrated Developments:
  • High bandwidth Internet access (256 Kbps and higher)
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Server collocation
  • Network design, installation, and administration services
  • Web design
  • Web mail
  • Online games
  • Online local events real/video/audio/MP3
  • TV transmitting
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Video on demand
  • Education on net
  • Net to phone solution around the globe (VOIP)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Possible solutions for individuals

  • Dial-up connectivity
  • Wireless Broadband
  • ADSL

Possible solutions for communities

  • ADSL type access with variable speed options
  • Symmetrical access for high demand customers
  • Dial-up connectivity as back-up

Dialup Solution

  • ISDN PRI can be redistributed to create simple dial-up solution
  • Dialup service will utilize existing servers
  • Limited resources required
  • Will grow as number of users grows
  • Will be offered locally (in area code) or via 800 number.
  • Will be offered on flat/per month basis or per hour/usage basis.
  • Will be used as backup service for broadband users.

Start of service

  • Access server (Cisco AS5300 or similar)
  • PRI line (30 simultaneous Calls)

Development of service

  • Up to 8 PRI lines (240 Calls) per AS5300
  • Centralized service provisioning with access concentrator (Cisco 7206VXR)
  • ADSL and Broadband Concentration on same concentrator.
The AFNet Concept

A Primary Markets

Concentration o Users in both existing and new developments:

  • Government and Non Government Offices
  • Business Parks and Office Blocks
  • Residential Complexes
  • Mixed Use Developments

B Secondary Markets

Individual Users:

  • Small and Medium sized independent businesses
  • Individual Households
  • 4 Route to Customer Site:

AFNet will establish a selection of ways in which to reach customer sites with bulk services and the solution will be based on availability, cost and utilization.

  • Wire to kerb using Afghan Telecom infrastructure
  • Technology will include ADSL, VSAT, Fiber Optic, Microwave Links,

Client Connectivity within Site:

This is the core competence of AFNet – designing and implementing communication network solutions based on sourcing external bulk supply and redistributing to communities of users. The incoming signal from the service provider can be redistributed within the community by various methods which will again be dependent on cost and utilization.

  • Using Wi-Fi Technology on site
  • Using Ethernet Technology on site
  • Using Fiber Optics
  • Using power transmission infrastructure
  • Using local telephony installation through DSL technology