• AFNet designs and implements Network Solutions based on customer needs and environmental capacity to ensure that the solution provided to the customer offers optimum usability, structural sustainability and cost effectiveness. Integrity and stability are the drivers in designing the network and ease of configuration and utilization is of primary importance. Utilizing WISP technology, the end users are ensured wireless connectivity while the fixed/wireless backbone is designed to ensure optimum speed, integrity and stability. Network design incorporates redundancy back-up and utilization optimization. The network continually measures and adapts user capacity to ensure that there is no undue shrinkage in capacity demanded. Infrastructure utilized must meet exacting standards to withstand the demanding communication environment and enable the seamless integration of fixed and wireless network components.

The network is structured to ensure portability within the growing phenomenon of virtual office space. This effectively ensures that users could be mobile within any area of the designated wireless network and enjoy immediate robust connectivity.

Security Surveillance

The AFNet solution is a hybrid of fixed video cameras and network based digital facilities. Surveillance is controlled through a central server and the design and layout are based on customer requirements and locality constraints. AFNet brings extensive expertise in developing surveillance systems and structure their solution on the existing network, as defined above, affording the customer an integrated solution where costs are rationalized and integrity is paramount. The digitally structured solution ensures storage convenience and convenient indexed access. The integrated solution ensures that there can be no manipulation of the surveillance infrastructure.


WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provision)

AFNet uses its extensive experience and expertise gained in the Asia region in the development and implementation of wireless networks to afford customers fully integrated facilities with wireless access to the local network and the wider public networks including internet and e-mail access. The technology implemented is WISP based and offers improved levels of stability and integrity.

Implementation overview:


The AFNet in home system


  • High bandwidth Internet access (256 Kbps and higher)
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Server collocation
  • Network design, installation, & administration services
  • Web design
  • Web mail
  • Online games
  • Online local events real/video/audio/MP3 TV transmitting
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Video on demand
  • Education on net
  • Net to phone solution around the globe (VOIP)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)