About Us

  • AFNet have identified various opportunities in the market where AFNet skills and intellectual capital can be effectively deployed to develop innovative solutions and value-add services. The vision of AFNet is to provide integrated communication solutions to gated communities, office blocks and commercial parks, and the call centre environment. AFNet will establish a fully communicable platform to ensure that AFNet will be market leaders in providing integrated data communication capability.

    These developments position AFNet extremely favorably in the future integrated communication market segment.

    AFNet is endowed with technical and intellectual expertise in the communication environment and have ascertained sustainable opportunities that could be secured through their license. Major new areas remain un-serviced by the major service providers and create an ideal opportunity to expand the initial strategic business intent of AFNet. The current rate of development in medium to high end housing developments, business parks and mixed use developments is creating a huge demand for communication connectivity and the national operator.

  • Overview

  • AFNet have a bold vision for communication into the future and will develop innovative and practical solutions for integrated communication requirements that can be deployed effectively for both business and home use. The AFNet concept is to deliver a bundled solution that affords the user data communication capability through a single integrated service that is cost effective and, due to the broadband platform, will afford the user a faster and more robust solution.

    The AFNet concept have been developed over the past six months to The point where the concept has been tried and proven many times over and is fully operational.


  • High bandwidth Internet access (256 Kbps and higher)
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Server collocation
  • Network design, installation, & administration services
  • Web design
  • Web mail
  • Online games
  • Online local events real /video /audio / MP3 TV transmitting
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Video on demand
  • Education on net
  • Net to phone solution around the globe (VOIP)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)